About Us

Who we are

The TurisVerde brand, presents itself as a new tourism entertainment company reference in organizing recreational activities, sportiness and adventure in Azores.

Headquartered in São Miguel, Turisverde can organize activities in the 9 islands of the Azores as even the rest of the Portuguese territory.


Despite Turisverde be a newly established organization, we have over 40 years experience in inbound tourism. We monitored the various stages of tourism development in our region and is therefore in the Azores to reveal this but enriching the visit of our clients with illustrative anecdotes and stories from the past position.


Gradually been opening up small niche market, until it is time to understand that sustainable tourism and nature is the best image that can be transmitted from the Azores to be what truly sets us apart from other destinations. Offer alternatives and activities of coexistence with nature is what we do and what we propose to perform within the tourist activities. 

We are a Micro Enterprise, but we possess a varied range using the various features of the specialty.

Bank Transfer Payments can be made to:
IBAN: PT50.0045.8066.01609625001.52
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